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Close-up Magic

Suitable for banquets, cocktail parties, hospitality suites, or television appearances. Traditionally, James performed for small individual groups, or tables of people. As he went from table to table, each audience member participated in their very own personalized magic show. This type of show, with personal contact, would highlight their evening and make it truly memorable.

Currently, James performs a Close-up Show. Utilizing a large video screen in the background, a close-up of James’s hands are projected larger than life! Hundreds of people can see his special magic presentation. A 45 minute presentation is being featured on the luxury ships of Holland America Line and Seabourn Cruises.

Product / Service Categories

One Man Show

A 15 to 45 minute show including some incredible feats of magic. Comedy and the participation of some audience members are the main highlights. James performs this type of show most often on luxury cruise ships around the world as well as at corporate events

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The Dogs

The most adorable dogs appear, disappear, and do incredible dog tricks! An unbelievable highlight!

The magic with the dogs is usually added to one man show or the illusion show

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Illusion Show

A full scale production of grand illusion capable of being seen in large theaters and arenas..

Floating in the air. People appearing, disappearing, and being sawed in half.

Some new state-of-the-art illusions create a breathtaking experience.